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Updated: 10/22/2013


All talks should last approximately 4 minutes, providing time to transition between talks. Question periods will occur at the end of each short session (group of 4 talks) rather than after each talk. We would like to limit the talks to 4 slides as we want to discourage people from trying to fit a longer talk into a short period of time. Alternatively, we are also encouraging "chalk talks" if you would rather avoid PowerPoint. Regardless of the format, keep in mind that key ideas (or questions) should be presented, and this can be very preliminary. As pointed out last year, this is a great opportunity to receive feedback on your project, including results that are somewhat puzzling!

You are free to use your own computer, but you can also use one of the computers that we will have set up. Presentations should be loaded onto the computer during registration. We will have a couple people stationed in there between 7:30 and 9am to help upload talks onto one of our machines or to help hook up personal laptops. The room is equipped with a microphone (wireless), but we encourage you to bring a pointer and anything else that you might need.